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I have enough songs to make an album, now what do I do?
Once you have an album together, you can contact us to meet and discuss a game plan. Recording or tracking the songs is the first step and we recommend making sure you are comfortable playing/singing all of your material. If you know the songs well before going into the studio, things will go more smoothly. 
How much input will I have in the final product?
We love collaborating with our clients as much as possible and we encourage you to bring in any production ideas, songs or bands to use as inspiration for your recording. After we have mixed the songs you can give us notes or changes so that we achieve the sound you are looking for.
Can I hire you to record at a different studio?
Yep! We frequently work out of No Fun Club are more than happy to engineer your music there. 
My group is performing live, can we hire you to do sound?

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