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Before Collector really got going you could find either of us playing live, at home or with friends most nights of the week in Winnipeg. This city has such an incredible capacity for music and looking back on all the projects we’ve been fortunate enough to work on, that is without a doubt why we started recording. To us, working on music is the most fun thing there is. We love it and we love meeting people who care about music the way we do. That's why we think recording should be a positive, creative and fulfilling experience for everyone and every budget.


Ten years post basement studio (we’ll always be grateful, Andrew) and the whole endeavor has grown into something we’re really proud of. Recording, producing, mixing and mastering with an incredible team in a new studio we built in the West End. 


You should really come check it out. Get in touch about your songs. We can help you get the sound you want and it’s going to be really fun doing it.

- Will & Art



We got it! Thanks!

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